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Serial Entrepreneur | Geek | Passionate Programmer | Live in Fashion | Fitness Freak | Motivator | Pet Lover
Fashion,Fitness & POPxo’s influencer

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My Story : An inspiring story of how I chased my dreams of being an entrepreneur when i family had $100per/month and now earning $100,000per/month

I’m a wanna-be artist with a dash of business sense and a spoonful ..Read More

What I Do ?

Senior Android, iOS,Web developer and Certified Digital Marketing Professional
Current Employers : CEO at Wixty Technologies & CTO at Westpac Technology
Ex-Employers : Tata Consultancy Services,Amazon,Envato,Intigen Technologies

My Skills

Android App Development,iOS Development,PHP,Ruby on Rails,JavaScript,HTML5,CSS3 iPhone/Android UI Design,2D Design,MySQL Programming,Yii,WordPress,Social Media Marketing,Email Marketing,Content Management,Copywriting,Copyediting Inbound Marketing,Search engine optimization.


English,Portuguese,Hindi,Bengali,Telugu and Oriya

2018 Goals?

(a) Exceed my sales #’s from 2016; (b) launch an iOS/Android app and break even; (c) find more ways to support the Tech and Invest in Tech Stratups


Digitization coupled with connected devices are changing the world. I believe that the existing order will be disrupted and will result in entirely new brands taking up most of consumer mindshare.

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Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

Talked about why Wixty Technologies focus on product instead of services,Videovibe our new SaaS based product and future growth of product based company

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