11 Cool Street Style Looks You Can Steal From This Insta Celeb

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11 Cool Street Style Looks You Can Steal From This Insta Celeb

Looking for some amazing street style inspiration? Look no further.

A German Insta celebrity Philipp Hehmann from “street and gentle” is your guy. His Instagram account is a gold mine amazing street style looks that anyone can pull off.

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Outfits that he wears are simple, mostly created from simple basics that we all have in our wardrobe (hint: white shirt, blue jeans etc). All you need to do is just match your outfits like he does and you are ready to rock the streets.

Sure, it’s not that simple, of course. There’s a lot goes into dressing like him. First and foremost is the physique. Then comes the right fit.

Yes, even if you are not as toned as he is, you can still do wonders just by getting the fit right.

A white shirt is a white shirt. What makes a white shirt amazing is the right fit. Not too loose not too tight. Just a perfect fit. If you want to know how a shirt should fit, here’s a great resource.

Two most important things you need to look good

Right colour matching (I mean don’t wear orange pants with purple shirt)
Right Fit (Build a great body or pick the perfect fitting clothes. I think the second option is much easier to pull off, right?)
The outfits featured below will take care of the first thing. And for the second thing, we’ll share something in the future.

Ready to see some amazing street style looks that will help you look beyond cool?

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